Our Story

How did it Start?

Conceptualised by Tanu Narang & Bhuvan Narang, The Little Door is an inspiration of their shared love for great food, drinks (ahem, mostly alcoholic!), music & all things good.
It all started in 2011 when the brother sister duo decided to quit their corporate jobs to invest some time in planning their own business and (this may sound crazy…but) to travel. It’s on one of their trips to the Mediterranean that they observed that a bar need not be grungy, dark, rustic and loud. And that it need not necessarily serve the greasy-spicy food that we call ‘Chakhna'. It is then that they realised that they want to start a concept bar in Mumbai and imagined something cosy, casual, beautiful and boutique. Talk about thinking like brother-sister!!

The Name

"The Little Door was planned to be a unique take on bars that Mumbai had never seen before. We wanted to stay away from everything that puts us in the ‘me too’ space. Instead we wanted to create our own niche with something fun, colourful, cheeky which would be an extension of our own personalities. So, we decided the name also has to be unique” says Bhuvan Narang, Little Boss at The Little Door.

“The idea was to create a mystery about the hidden paradise that is on the other side of textured white walls when people enter our not so little place. After a few nights of brainstorming session with friends and family, we decided to take a poll on the shortlisted names. The names were posted on social networking sites; out of 1000 plus votes received by us, 812 liked The Little Door. And we had our winner!” adds Bhuvan.

The Result

4 months of exciting, inspiring, sleepless time spent at the construction site, thousands of brainstorming sessions and lots of hard work finally resulted in the launch of TLD on March 1st, 2012.

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