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Columbine egg is class status of a kind of nutrition is relatively high feed capable person, this kind feeds material to contain a lot of albumen and its nutrition element, can complement the nutrient element that our human body needs. Columbine egg is general between Shui Chao's if between the of 3 minutes of Zuo , and burnout is invaded later 5 minutes of Zuo hind can scoop up bubble to take. Columbine egg is had essence of filling kidney beneficial reachs his to treat impotent condition, what and be aimed at kidney emp 建筑模板ty cause is tired and lack of power remedial effect more actor. Columbine egg boils how long ability is OK ripeColumbine egg enters boiler at cold water, wen Huo is carried lukewarm, the low baking temperature after be being burned boils 3 minutes of Zuo . Bubble is invaded 5 minutes again after armistice Zuo , boil the gallinaceous egg white that go out in that way tender, gallinaceous yoke also condensed. Take withPleasant of columbine egg flavour, salty, sexual lukewarm; has skin of gas生产建筑模板价格BX of kidney of filling empty, beneficial, abundant all, Yang Xing of lukewarm filling kidney is magical, solve sore poison, treat impotent, hidebound;The lumbar acerbity leg that empty of kidney of crucial in order to causes is soft, tired 建筑模板支撑AAand lack of power, the disease; such as be perturbed insomnia in hives inside fashionable period, let a child eat two columbine eggs that cook everyday, can prevent hives to have; of dispel poisonous action again alreadyAnaemic, menstruation is not moved, the lady of two empty often has gas blood columbine egg, have effect of beautiful skin slippery skin not only, likely still heal disease, can make a person energetic, glorious takes a person, skin Xian Li. The varied edible method of columbine eggColumbine egg grandmaRaw material: Columbine egg 2, fresh milk 200ml, bai Sha candy is proper. Means: Columbine egg hull, in adding the bovine milk that burns, boil to the egg firm ripe when, xuan Huo[......]

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