Incident of European poisonous egg ferments: Austria imports egg product to show insecticide part


In report will report new net integratedly on August 15, incident of European poisonous egg ferm冠县鑫丰木业ents continuously, austria also confirmed recently, the fluorine bug nitrile that the discovery in the egg goods that imports from Germany, Holand, Belgium and Po工地装木模板安装方法land contains insecticide part. Nevertheless, austrian sanitation and food security bureau emphasize, the content of fluorine bug nitrile can't en中空模板AEdanger health.

According to the report, austrian sanitation and food security bureau express, random spot check includes authorities 80 sample of bake food and mayonnaise, among them mater 建筑模板ial of 18 kinds of chemistry that be contained by discovery. Nevertheless, the content of 建筑模板多少一块EKfluorine bug nitrile that detects in sample is negligible, do not have healthy risk.

This bureau makes a statement say: These products are wholesale food industry the egg product of nitrile of all the bug that contain fluorine will stand the egg goods that imports from Germany, Holand, Belgium and Poland at present wearing.

Austrian sanitation and food security bureau also say, very lucky, 3/4 sample confirms do not contain fluorine bug nitrile.

After poisonous egg scandal erupts at the beginning of this month, the European state that suffers an effect up to now has Belgian, Holand, Germany, France, Sweden, England, Austria, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, polish, Romania, Slovak, Slovenian, Denmark and Switzerland, far even also suffer an effect in Asian Hong Kong.

After the accident, european each country develops work of deal with problems arising fr石家庄建筑模板公司om an accident, know exactly about sth with 1 million plan the egg falls from the supermarket frame, tens of rasorial farm is shut. European committee also will be in to sit a meeting will d高唐县金福源木业有限公司iscuss the way to deal with a situation in September.

Belgium will inform an European Un工程报价清单模板BLion on July 20, the f 建筑模板ood safety of this country superintends a branch t建筑模板去哪里买o discover to insecticide par[......]

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Chinese punish unplugged their basis discloses the abominable move of these people


On March 22, because be damaged badly in crammer of square dominion and interest, baleful transmission and false information, just decide to Ou Fang 10 personnel and 4 substance implement sanction in.

This 10 people are respectively供应建筑模板KO: Er of Kofi of the base of a fruit of those of European parliament assemblyman, lid is strapped, gram of Hunan of Gelukesiman, library, Laikesiman, holand parliament discusses a Sheercima, belgian parliament discusses a Kegeladi, sa of Lithuanian parliament assemblyman blocks Liainei, favour of country of German scholar Zheng, swedish scholar Xie Biyang. Relevant personnel and its family member are prohibited entering a country Special Administrative Region of Chinese inland and Hong Kong, Macao, they and its affiliated enterprise, orgnaization already also was restricted to be the same as China to have contact.

These philtrum have many it is to turn over China familiar face, chinese respect do one's best is atttacked in concoctive fact. What abominable move do these people have?

Turn over China n/med the process of preparing Chinese medicine of favour 工程木模板of backbone Zheng country experience of more than 10 bring shame on border report

In punish list, germany is turned over China Zheng Guoen's exposure leads the learned man especially tall. He by the west a few force are chased after hold in both hands study authority for Xinjiang, actually is many of experience border crammer only then the person that make tomb figure. He installs Ceng Ci in renown A heart again (Adrian Zenz) , unripe 1974, it is the member of foundation of souvenir of victim of communism of organization of American ultra-Right ala, also be the United States is turned over China research organization backbone.

In recent years, zheng Guoen is pushing media of special grade socialization to go up to publish experience border opinion on public affairs again and again, xinjiang of n/med the process of preparing Chinese medicine is executed to minority force l[......]

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