[the practice of authentic leek cauliflower sauce] how does _ of the _ method that make make -


Leek flower is daily life is general feed capable person, the edible method Zuo that daily life spends about leek is relatively varied, can consider leek the flower makes leek cauliflower sauce actually, be being used at dish of go with rice in that way also is very first-rate. The way of sauce of the cauliflower that do leek is very simple, between the that but do leek cauliflower sauce to need,sends alcohol, accordingly from make the Zuo in having an import is need between a paragraph of . Is the course of action of the leek cauliflower sauce with th 建筑模板at sterling Zuo what? 1. course of action oneThe one part that if spend,leek spends, clean, put outstretched air basks in portion of surface layer water in a large bamboo or wicker basket, the water portion that mere air basks in surface layer to wash is OK, not be a leek Hua Liang is basked in. ginger foam, leek all flower, pear piece, salt, blueness is citric into agitate flesh cup putting that plant, still be being written down is agitate flesh cup, smash merely in that way and not easy mix does paste, into paste not quite delicate also. Action of the flesh that use agitate is wrung broken. Still remembering salt廊坊木模板 and pear is well-balanced be put in the leek flower of every time. After natural OK still and all agitate is over, put salt is added together in the basin, wring broken leek flower to be put into the sealing in vitreous bottle, let its send alcohol of course, fluctuated to be able to eat in January probably, if not open glass bottle, maintain sealing, put a year also won't bad. But should advertent glass bottle wants boiled water to disinfect and ai建筑工法样板厂家r is basked in, there can not be water share in vitreous bottle. 2. course of action 2Th生产建筑模板厂家HFe leek that buys is beautiful, cut open a flower, get rid of stalk, invade bubble to clean with cold water, air, air water portion. Put into the basin to put salt to bloat be soiled is made an appointment with 20- - 30 minutes,工地施工模板标准AM flo[......]

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