Chinese sister is beautiful in be being killed to die in Japan, square requirement arrests a murderer


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Police of Japan of report of Xinhua News Agency affirms 14 days, 13 days nightly in divine Nai two remains that discover in plain county mountain forest are truly be reported the loss before this the Chinese book sister of couplet.

According to Japanese media coverage, police of divine Nai plain county discovers two are installed in the 13 mountain forest that are in wild city of this county the Qin Dynasty day and night the remains in viatic box, it is early that 14 days affirm before the Chinese book sister that be missing.

China is stationed in Japa建筑模板尺寸国标nese embassy to also issue announcement afternoon in 14 days, affirmed this matter. Embassy expresses, 11 days of evening, chinese citizen is stationed in Japanese embassy to appeal to China, its two daughters break couplet in Japanese yokohama. Embassy starts lash-up mechanism instantly, urgent see Japan concerns sectional chief about, convey h中模木业有限公司igh attention to its, hope day just is investigated建筑用胶模板 with all one's strengt什么是模板h, as soon as possible crack a criminal case. Current, embassy is assisting a family member to deal with the urgent procedure that attend day.

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Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs asks to arrest a murderer

Geng Shuan建筑模板网站g of spokesman of Ministry of Foreign Affairs is in Japan 14 days with respect to two China citizen unfortunate be murdered answers when the reporter asks, express, china is stationed in Japanese diplomatic mission to already asked day of honest main crack a criminal case, arrest and punish severely a murderer, return victim and family member justice.

"We state to be murdered of two China citizen deep feeling of grief is mourned, express to express sympathy and solicitude for cordially to its f[......]

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Russian zoo again " match " Hu Yang is the same as basket how long can be friendship maintained?


Login register zoo of Russia of text of news  建筑模板of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian again " match " Hu Yang is the same as basket how long can be friendship maintained? Origin: ? ?2017-07-24 11:2 of huge rock of discharge  contr长宁木业有限公司action9 Http://

In report will occupy new network on July 24 Russia media coverage, message of website 新型建筑模板实用吗DFof wild animal garden weighs area of Russia seaside border area建筑模板厂家, of Moore of famous tiger A " 优质建筑模板价格fiancee " -- tigress black Su Li and Er of graph of a goat together occupy pound.

With the tiger the goat that lives together in Wu Su is called graph Er. According to the report, this one tiger one sheep is occupy the建筑模板的价格一览表 associate that became famous 2015 -- goat hophornbeam Er and the pound that Amuer once had stayed in the tiger.

Data picture: Tiger " Amuer " with the goat 工程水利模板" hophornbeam Er " .

To withhold be concerned about, zoo garden grows Mei Jin to pick the reason that the husband did not disclose to they live together at that time and time.

Wild animal released工程建筑模板 the video that the animal lives jointly on garden website. Tigress takes a walk in pound, sleep in Amuer's original burrow, the goat is taking a walk nearby and sleep.

Was born in Muscovite zoo to breed the young tigress of field regards a tiger as A Mu Er in Wu Su on June 3, 2014 " fiancee " wild animal park of area of border area of seaside be reachinged by carry.

2015, goat hophornbeam Er and the friendship with tiger A solemn special Er are paid close attention to by media. The goat is put into pound to cast as quarry feed a tiger, but the tiger d特级模板id not eat it, gave 覆膜板ABbecause of hophornbeam Er fight back. The goat held a tiger even sleep the ground, force latter to sleep to ceiling. Two animals are respective and alone pass the night, but take a walk together in the zoo by da高柱模板上市五年成功y. Hophornbeam Er and Amuer became the favorite on Russia network, the video hit on the network h[......]

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