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Bloat pickled Chinese cabbage should be the dish of a kind of cold and dressed with sause that in sufferring very much home, dotes on, the case that leaving meal especially comes down to bloated pickled Chinese cabbage, can make a person have many white rice. Just be to be in make bloat also need to hold proper way below the circumstance of pickled Chinese cabbage, because bloat,pickled Chinese cabbage is one kind looks actually make simple and easy, line has the food of very big cold and dressed with sause that pay attention to however in. Receive the article content that go down to be we all actual and intense recommended 2 kinds to rot bloat of dish bloat be soiled means, learn together groom. MeansSpecial tool / raw materialDish crock a red turnip, asparagus lettuce, cabbage, green pepper, 金盾木业有限公司saltMeans / flowA red turnip is washed clean pull silk. 2 green pepper are washed clean, cut becomes silk. 3 asparagus lettuce are washed clean, cut is become paragraph. 4 cabbage are cleaned clean, a lamina ground of a lamina pares come out, coil cut becomes silk. 5 subsequently asparagus lettuce paragraph, silk blends red turnip, cabbage to be cleaned with c 建筑模板old water together scoop up in basin of a face, just began a crock. A 6 dish scatters green pepper after outfit crock, salt, the salt of below is put less, leave the salt above to drop a point more. 7 control the block pressing dish that washs clean subsequently on, the lid is buckled outside it is OK to go up, need not sealed, a few in the future the water level line in dish will be full automatic go up, exceed the aspect ratio of dish, daily agitate water above, press the dish that comes down to wave, can take after a month. Means 21, choose good souse raw material to bloat raw material of course of be soiled feeling, be sure to accord with two basic standards: It is new Zuo , not mould infection, accord with a country to set; 2 it is phyletic be sure to the gate is geomantic, not be all vegetable fruit[......]

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