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[Ba happy sex is lukewarm still be sexual heat] – of characteristic of _ action _


Arti建筑多层模板公司cle introductionThe fresh fruit that often eats in life daily life a few be lukewarm sex, a few it is the gender is cool. Amid Ba is happy be lukewarm sex, the person with cold body can eat a few Ba more happy. The 建筑模板尺寸规格nutrient class status with happy Ba is relatively high also, contain vitaminic with nutrient element, can cure is varied disease, for example diarrhoea, bellyacke. But need not pass to take Ba more happy, can give to gi

ve the disease owing beautiful of nosebleed otherwise, the mouthfeel of basis oneself and fitness will differentiate. Baleshi is the gender is lukewarm on border, and contain rich and colorful vitaminic, reach its invigorate the circulation of blood, treat diarrhoea, fall hematic fat, reduce weight thin body, hairdressing protects the action such as skin, the fresh fruit of close of as happy as Ba action also has Gan to pull, those who contain rich and colorful is vitaminic reach its high grade protein, above 2 kinds of fresh fruits are first-rate completely top grade of health of body and mind. We know Daobale already nowadays is sexual heat answer this time. Lukewarm sex fruit, or it is average person eats neuter fruit to have all side effect not easily, can be the action of diarrhoea of Ba Le Youzhi, because this a lot of people think it is the gender is hot, eat much congress get angry, it is the gender is lukewarm actually, it is red that neuter fruity is meant carry, what the apple 哪里买建筑模板KRcontains rich and colorful is vitaminic, red carrying also is hairdressing those who protect skin beautiful is tasted. In understood Ba happy be sexual heat what additionally we ought to master more is fresh fruity action. Want to understand different fresh fruit to have different effect, many this is more crucial than mastering their hot cold sex to want. Follow Ba for example happy the big cherry that is Wen Xing混凝土模板价格shui fruit euqally, nutrient element as much, but the person of rheumatism shoulds not be,take big cherry, can ill hair, and even still can continue to defeat the gas blood, muscle that hurt bone. The acid-base value that resolution feeds capable person one kind is the basis feeds material to digest the acid-base value that material creates after absorbing metabolism to come decision-making, albumen, human body is contained in the fruit of guava C of vitamin of D of adipose, glycogen, vitamin, B a g建筑模板电话roup of things with common features, dimension, the material such as calcic, phosphor, iron, its are final apperception adds up to content to be basic material, say it is alkalescent fruit so. Those who contain very much vitaminic C, still contain the vitamin D of rich and colorful, vitamin B2 in guava additionally, additional the fat of amid kind, mineral also abound quite character with chemical fiber, right healthy very advantageous. The body such as potassium, calcic, phosphor, iron be sure to nutrient element is richer, it is to be able to assist us to begin healthy preserve one’s health. Protein content is very high also, can assist body complement to send quantity of heat.

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