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[dove egg boils how long] – of encyclopedia of practice of _ of the _ method that make


Columbine egg is class status of a kind of nutrition is relatively high feed capable person, this kind feeds material to contain a lot of albumen and its nutrition element, can complement the nutrient element that our human body needs. Columbine egg is general between Shui Chao’s if between the of 3 minutes of Zuo , and burnout is invaded later 5 minutes of Zuo hind can scoop up bubble to take. Columbine egg is had essence of filling kidney beneficial reachs his to treat impotent condition, what and be aimed at kidney emp

ty cause is tired and lack of power remedial effect more actor. Columbine egg boils how long ability is OK ripeColumbine egg enters boiler at cold water, wen Huo is carried lukewarm, the low baking temperature after be being burned boils 3 minutes of Zuo . Bubble is invaded 5 minutes again after armistice Zuo , boil the gallinaceous egg white that go out in that way tender, gallinaceous yoke also condensed. Take withPleasant of columbine egg flavour, salty, sexual lukewarm; has skin of gas生产建筑模板价格BX of kidney of filling empty, beneficial, abundant all, Yang Xing of lukewarm filling kidney is magical, solve sore poison, treat impotent, hidebound;The lumbar acerbity leg that empty of kidney of crucial in order to causes is soft, tired 建筑模板支撑AAand lack of power, the disease; such as be perturbed insomnia in hives inside fashionable period, let a child eat two columbine eggs that cook everyday, can prevent hives to have; of dispel poisonous action again alreadyAnaemic, menstruation is not moved, the lady of two empty often has gas blood columbine egg, have effect of beautiful skin slippery skin not only, likely still heal disease, can make a person energetic, glorious takes a person, skin Xian Li. The varied edible method of columbine eggColumbine egg grandmaRaw material: Columbine egg 2, fresh milk 200ml, bai Sha candy is proper. Means: Columbine egg hull, in adding the bovine milk that burns, boil to the egg firm ripe when, xuan Huo, it is OK to add right amount white saccharic condiment. Columbine egg tremella congeeRaw material: Columbine egg 9, tremella 80 grams. Means: (1) tremella uses vesicle hair, purify root the base of a fruit, clean break small piece. (2) is big the jujube is cl生产加工单模板eaned新型建筑模板实用吗DF husk(3) columbine egg is boiled husk. (Measurable water is added in 4) arenaceous boiler, put into the tremella to be burned first, add jujube, candy, small fire boils the tremella crisp sodden, it is OK to add columbine egg to be boiled a little while again. 3 bright columbine eggsRaw material: Columbine egg 16, fungus, banger each 50 grams, core of food of cold and dressed with sause 10, flesh of ripe chicken breast leaf lard of pig of 50 grams; 50 grams, gallinaceous essence, salt each 6 grams, starch and flour 15 grams, rice wine 25 grams, soup-stock 250 grams. Means: (After 1) cooks columbine egg with cold water, slow fire, pare egg carapace. Flesh of breast of banger, fungus, ripe chicken all the banking angle that cut becomes medium horizontal size piece. Core of food of cold and dressed with sause is cleaned, after float is very hot, scoop up reserve. (2) is hot in frying pan, put into dish of flesh of breast of soup-stock, columbine egg, banger, chicken, fungus, cold and dressed with sause after essence of core, rice wine, salt, chicken, use the ingredient on slow fire first, fire changes to receive juice after thick, tick off Gorgon euryale with wet starch. Irrigate subsequently on pig leaf lard, it is OK to fill soup basin. Scamper pouch columbine eggRaw material: Columbine egg 600 grams, banger 50 grams, water chest nut is 70 grams, salty biscuit music of 150 grams, dried 50 grams, egg white is 100 grams, sweet 50 grams of Lai. The animal is oily (promote practice) 70 grams, salt essence of 5 grams, chicken is 2 grams, white pepper 15 grams of 1 gram, shallot, cassava is amylaceous (hyacinth bean) 15 grams of 25 grams, sesame-seed oil each are proper. Means: (1) banger cut becomes small elephant key point piece; dried music cleans cut to clean cut to become cut of root of green of; of rice written complaint to become sweet Lai of; of rice written complaint to pick into flay of water chest nut of; of rice written complaint with vesicle hair wash clean. (Knock of open of 2) columbine egg is inside the small spoon that wipes oil, scatter on rice of music of essence of right amount salt, chicken, white pepper, dried, water chest nut, green paragraph, go up basket evaporate 6 minutes of Zuo namely r建筑模板厂家代理商ipe, get off. (3) toast cut becomes 5 centimeter the ellipse with long, 3 wide centimeter piece shape plan 20. (4) egg white is being hit with the chopstick epispastic, add right amount dry starch, allocate Cheng Xiaoxue to spend paste, extend section biscuit open carpentry board to go up, paper small snowflake the half to bestrew toast to go up first, put a columbine egg that thoroughly cook, build a small snowflake to paper again, surface layer presses leaf of green vegetables of burn joss sticks, banger piece, become petaline purse entity namely. (Oil is put to burn to inside 5) boiler 5 when becoming heat, purse columbine egg one by one is put into boiler, good with slow fire blast fry a fragrance.

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