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Chinese souvenir 918 how to pass new security bill 17 days times forcibly (graph)


Login register China of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to commemorate 918 install 17 days times to pass new security bill forcibly (graph) origin: ? ?2015-09-18 09:4 of heir Pan feltEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 4 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel [summary] also be to be in this day, how times trying to make will be written down of the history new ” 918 ” .

Today will be on September 18.

Do not forget national humiliation. This day, of distant Shenyang earth alarm world bell will be attacked noisy again, people general with multiform souvenir war of resistance against aggression, recall martyr.

Nevertheless, also be to be in this day, how times trying to make will be written down of the history new 918: On September 17, protest in sound is medium, japanese ginse建筑欧板的规格标准是多少BQn腹膜板厂家THg courtyard and restful whole legal system are special committee votes the security that stands authority of collective defend oneself through understanding is relevant act. How times will submit this bill to the plenary session that join a courtyard, strive hol全国建筑模板生产基地ds water in what before will ending on September 18, make.

Once proposed law of this one new security holds water, will let peaceful constitution exist in name only of Japan not only, make a person must suspect more, japan can be on militaristic old road.

Install 17 days times to pass new security bill forcibly

In fact, this one bill is not popular, those who encountered anti is layer upon layer surround, because this and the Japan that install times dominant are in office,opposition is more the party is intense engage in a battle.

That day, after the conference begins before long, japan is in office the party is chief director assistant cane long suffer opposition assemblyman surround, spot order close to out of control. Meanwhile, japanese premier An Beijin sits 3 times in nearby calm view a got-up affair develops去哪买建筑模板, did not appear personally make known one’s position.

The graph is assembly room spot, japanese assemblyman is troubled by congress greatly.

Install times look on coldly.

Final, hold the political party is depended on from civilian party hold congress many to enumerate an advantage, undertake vote and be acquisitioned passing forcibly.

Outside congress, postpone the action of s模板规格AKecurity proposed law to An Beijiang, remonstrant sound of the people is as one falls more. 17 days that day, the people that opposes security bill from in the morning 9 when case, it is before congress assembly, violent in rain protest.

Actually, be in early on August 30, people of about 120 thousand Japan is in outside Capitol assembly, proposed law of requirement abolish security, oppose advantageous position of exercise collective defend oneself. Attend meeting have group of old person, housewife, student, still have be in office from civilian party ally is fair the proponent of bright party. A few politician and social celebrity also join remonstrant crowd.


o this, japanese media summary says, installed times rough method to reflect his contempt to Japanese countryman, to Japanese constitution despise, a such act ought to be abolished immediately. Joint company says in 17 days of comments, an Beijiang postpones the action of security proposed law, will plant for the policy henceforth next an apple of discord.

Push security bill by force, will plant next an apple of discord

so say, because install times government to push the purpose of security proposed law by force to depend on enlarging militia,be activity of global military affairs. Series security bill that pushs by force in congress is medium, share 11 specific bill, include among them a new legislation revises a law with 10. They are pointed to to be warlike act, vi建筑工程模板olate spirit of Japanese peace charter badly.

Look first ” international peace supports bill ” , the essence of this new legislation is abroad clique arms permanent law. Before, if Japan undertakes if clique arms assists the United States to act in the military affairs of Iraq, Afghanistan,global military affairs acts, congress of preexistence wanting a

job passes the special law that has proper effectiveness for a given period of time. Dan Xinli code is decided, want a government to win congress approval only, militia can be sent outside Xiang Hai at any time.

Besides other correction law, 10 correction act include ” amendment of law of a got-up affair of armed strength attack ” ” act of main effect a got-up affair ” ” militia law amendmen

t ” ” PKO is cooperative law amendme临沂彬国建筑模板厂nt ” etc, these act combine be called by a joint name ” act of reorganize and outfit of peaceful security legal system ” . Militia exercise collective set to defend oneself counterpoises and start the condition that the armed strength atttacks in 建筑木方EGact.

Visible, want series security proposed law to pass only, everything will be changed, the Japan when arriving can be in not only defend oneself of the strike back when sufferring attack, and can fall to move external in the condition that was not being caused, hit out actively even ally of rush to the rescue. Anyhow, militia also will not a批发建筑模板ccept district restriction again, can be in global move about freely and quickly, peaceful constitution of Japan faces true death!

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