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Is old horse curule: of total the president of an association or society of the Ma Hua before publishing disgrace China opinion on public affairs? Call out grapes? graph)


Login register text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian is old horse curule: of total the president of an association o建筑模板模板价格r society of the Ma Hua before publishing disgrace China opinion on public affairs? Does the? that call out grapes pursue) origin: ? ?2015-10-07 10:0 of fie of Juan scald in order to remove hairs or feathersEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 3 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

Malaysia most Dahuaji c建筑项目模板KPonsortium of political Ma Hua (Malaysia Chinese consortium) Liao Zhonglai of total the president of an association or society says 6 days in kuala lumpur, agriculture and farming base Dazuding of industrial ministry undersecretary publishs opinion on public affairs of contemptuous foreign citizen of Chinese origin repeatedly, equestrian China consortium is exceeding to this indignant, decide Chairman Xiang Guozhen holds Najibu of Chairman Wu Tong concurrently to make written complain.

Da Zuding (the data pursues)


The media before this reports, attend in kuala lumpur before Da Zuding is early say when an activity, the Chinese does not建筑 模板价格BK encounter what problem to be complained with respect to outward person, otherwise Chinese of slap of my general palm.

According to message of China News Service, liao Zhonglai is attending equestrian China consortium the 12nd times in appoint can express to the reporter after the conference, da Zuding must be in charge of to his opinion on public affairs.

Liao Zhonglai says, da Zuding one and again, again and the opinion on public affairs that 3 ground publish harm foreign citizen of Chinese origin, not onl江门建筑模板公司y impenitent, still become aggravated; His opinion on public affairs already destroyed national harmony and solidarity, country blast must take action, unite in order to safeguard a countryman.

He says, country blast spirit is multivariat施工模板支撑BRe harmonious, middle manage state affairs, this is a country blast successful element, ma Hua must ensure this state government defends the concept of multivariate and harmonious solidarity.

Occupy information of information of Malaysi建筑模板施工价格a media Shi Hua additionally, before Dui Linliang of equestrian China total the president of an association or society also criticizes Dazuding 3 days to do not have breeding (Kurang Ajar) , must apologize to old horse Chinese with respect to its opinion on public affairs.

Malaysia is current by the country blast be in office. Country blast by delegate Malay political party consortium of Wu Tong, Ma Hua is mixed the many political parties such as great party comprise the Indian state that represents Yin Yi.

From 2008 since two general election, country blast be in office the position gets opposition is allied the puissant challenge of civilian couplet, occupy countrywide population the Chinese of nearly 1/4 casts vote to opposition mostly, be called by Wu Tong Chine费县常宇木业有限公司se politics seismic sea wave.

According to o建筑用模板价格bserver net the report before this, the

near future, malaysia appears incident of phyletic relation insecurity, china is stationed in equestrian ambassador Huang Huikang to will visit common to call the Ci factory of Chinese quarter the street on September 25, those who state Chinese government fights all forms is terroristic, include those who oppo

se any forms to be aimed at specific a group of things with common features descendants or a group of t衡水建筑模板公司hings with common features group horror and ultraism, and destroy the serious force incident that public order and society stabilize the society.

Of mouthpiece of all of witch of political party of Ma Guozhi be regardinged as ” forward signs up for ” 27 days say, huang Huikang’s opinion on public affairs interferes this home politics. On September 28, huang Huikang interviews Han Sha of Malaysia acting minister of foreign affairs on invitation again exert is fourth, the talk that when kuala lumpur Chinese quarter is being visited before its are earlier, publishs makes an explanation, time evens more tw

o hours.

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