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Japanese government is about to make military situation collaboration of 6 place Guan Min gathers Chinese information


[does round-the-world military affairs report] is Japan information

big country? Hear this one issue, a lot of people remember Japan is emissary can subliminally, remember Japan is started invade China the inf建筑模板电话BAormation activity that the history of information of China of collect of the with great concentration before the war organizes close, plan

a few years to help somebody attain his aim makes a person shudder. Nevertheless, the information in Japanese and Chinese meaning differ somewhat, it is more adjacent工程报价模板 at information. Say from this level, information activity of Japan is powerful really, the thing that each industry and information concern emerges in endlessly, somebody is described with information of the whole people, and this kind of practice also is entire industry really. As a group, japanese has complex of a kind of information it seems that, small notebook record is being taken chronically to see one spot in all sorts of circumstances from Japanese. This is Japanese characteristic, also be Japanese tradition, the rise of afterwar Japan economy, have greatest concern with commercial data gathering. On the other hand, activity of concept of traditional information, some closer year Japan also is accelerating trend information big country pace, this year April is the military situation that puts forward to want to make Japan more 6 place, strive casts off the limitation of postwar system in information field.

The information addiction of Japanese

” round-the-world times ” reporter not

long ago goes to Japa建筑模板价格SFn interviewing, in Tokyo a book sees accidentally in a Japanese home ” Chinese anybody thing is in charge of ” . This is the best seller that Japan updates every year. This book cent is 3 parts: Introduction of the first part bec临沂福润得木业omes China the qualification that party card army leads and conditional; 工地模板生产the 2nd part is China; of directory of leader of party card army the 3rd part is China the most important 820 detailed data of the individual. Scrutiny discovery, the person name of the domain such as National People’s Congress of above of county of party card important official of China, area, politics and law, r核电模板FFesume uses up amid.

Of the Japanese that this book place shows meticulous and serious your reporter experiences profundity, but the phenomenon of information of the whole people that what make a repoNMSS-建筑模板9.3EKrter be interested more is Japan: A Xiao工地施工模板标准AMbenheyi raises the general assembly in grown Japanese lap pen, when attending a meeting, keep writing down, when listening to a lecture, keep writing down, what see accidental华港木业有限公司ly or think of what to also be written down immediately.

Why does Japanese love to write down so? Japanese friend Xiaolin of the reporter so reply: China has an adage to applaud memory is inferior to sodden ability to write, same argument, we remember a thing also is to had been afraid of meeting forgot. Another reason is, record facilitating after the event to comb one by one. The 3rd it is a record it is the switch that opens the body. Xi木模板施工工具GSaolin says, if the company opens a very long meeting, the word that does not record takes a look very easily, what may begin to consider lunch eats a little while? Where to go to playing on the weekend? Person, same! What to write down in the hand a lot of.

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