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Iraqi government: Recapture this state successfully already from inside IS hand most oil field (graph)


Login register government of Iraq of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian: 菏泽市方木模板Recapture this state successfully already from inside IS hand most oil field (graph) origin: ? ?2附近哪有建筑模板卖015-10-30 20:2 of huge rock of discharge  contractionEdi木制定型模板AEtion of electron of Metropolis Daily of 8 Http://ww

w.mnw.cn/ channel

In report will occupy new network on October 30 coverage of Russia satellite network, aximujihade of spokesman of Iraqi oil department (Asim Jihad) expr临沂东冠木业有限公司esses, iraqi authorities be able to from Mohammedan country (IS) recaptures this state in terroristic organization hand most oil field, however IS still likelihood from now on before the earnings that billions of dollar achieves in the oil reserve of loot.

Data chart: Doubt is like the man of IS armed element to wear Huang Yi, be arrested by arms of Iraqi special type.

He expresses, iraqi army and success of secure ar绿地模板价格med forces drive Salaheding out of the province Mohammedan country, current, extreme organization is controlling the Buddhist nun only Ni Wei saves one fraction to produce oil field.

He emphasizes at the same time, IS itself develops t模板生产DShe oil field that Ni Wei visits the Buddhist nun without ability, because this needs technical experience.

Ji Hade also admits, IS before this ever occupational much oil reserve. He thinks: We cannot give the data that issues put oneself in another’s position, because loot is without the rule,寿光市鑫源木业有限公司 but those who indicate is billions of dollar.

Spokesman of Yi oil department fails to point out IS is specific where does carry out go to oil. Ji Hade expresses, iraq ever requested U.N. Security Council to investigate this one issue, they strive for Security Council a few prohibit buying I广州建筑模板公司raqi petrolic to decide f单侧模支撑供应厂家RFrom inside IS hand. He expresses, buy this to approve petrolic the person will assume international responsibility, iraqi oil ministry is supervising this matter.

He complements, the oil industry loss that Mohammedan country causes Iraq billions of dollar.

(Original title: Iraqi government: Recapture this state successfully already from inside IS hand most oil field)

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