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Russian wreck plane shares 17 child child the youngest victim resents 1 year old (graph)


Login register plane of wreck of Russia of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to share 17 child child does the youngest victim resent 1 year old (graph) origin: ? Travel hill?2015-11-01 16:20 Http://www.mnw.cn/

In report will occupy new network on November 1 central company report, local time on October 31, russian division adds thunder Mu the plane that from Egypt sanded Mu Shayihe flies to Russia Sanket is in airline on the west Nai peninsula crash. It is reported, on machine 224 people do not have life to return. Among them age is the sm品牌建筑模板CFallest only 10 months are big.

Just the Ge Luomo with 10 big months i去哪买建筑模板KTs made of baked clay (Darina Gromova) the stat工程覆膜模板DGion is by the side of airport lounge window, the hand is sticking glazing to look at ai附近建筑模板批发市场rcraft parking area.

According to the report, 17 child child are shared on machine, age is the smallest is only the Ge Luomo with 10 big months is made of baked clay, 建筑施工模板KTher parents also is inside waybill.

Additional, father banquet favour of 38 years old is being built on before this airliner, holding in the arms only daughter Xi Na of 3 years old is in board the plane take a picture on ladder, did not think of to become the group photo with father final daughter however.

Association of travel operation trade announced Russia 31 days to be in Egypt on the west list of the pers

onnel on the Russia plane engine of Nai peninsula crash, include 217 passengers and 7 unit member, die 13 when Russian citizen comes from Russia different areas.

1 day of reports say Russian to

wer company, the Russia citizen that dies in accident of this aviation accident comes from 13 areas of Russia. But according to Egypt authoritative information, there is 214 Russias citizen on machine, 3 Wu Kelan’s citizen.

On November 1, russia is stationed in China embassy falls half-mast. Han Haidan of reporter of China News Service is photographed

Ximusuokeluofu will represent mark of minister of Russia the Ministry of Communication on October 31, russia plane is undertaking in Egypt accident cause ability affirms after international investigation only, russia will join this one investigation actively.

Beijing of Russia president general announces the whole nation will hold the whole nation t模板报价单o mourn day on November 1, the personnel on the Russian plane engin

e that is crash undertakes wailful.

Responsibility edits: Read related Ren Shaojie: Bangladesh plane is Nepalese descend on fire already sent at least 49 people to die 2018-03-13 Xu Jiayin: Should capture an industry to help deficient, immigrant up to remove to help 建筑模板费用报价AJdeficient up with obtain employment th哪里有建筑模板出售EDis helps deficient up ” bovine nose ” 2018-03-10 stage intermediary: Taiwan color of any position person selected are incorrect also forbid to receive Xiamen of Zhangzhou of city of sprin建筑模板厂家直销g of Fujian of recreat湖北建筑模板公司ion of palm 2018-03-15 news appropriately again

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