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Beautiful Georgia passes bill: Allow to carry a pistol inside campus of this state university


[round-the-world net reports] according to TV station of Iran中庆木业有限公司ian English news (PressTV)2 reports 23 days month, american Georgia Boule already passed a law, accredit allows to carry a pistol inside the university campus of this city.

According to the report, 工地装木模板安装方法this act with 113 win overwhelming support than 59 ticke

ts, pass at 22 days, allow 21 years old to reach above, have the anybody that conceals weapon licence to be able to be inside public university campus carry a pistol. New proposed law 山西建筑模板公司eliminates room of party of student dormitory, undergraduate and sports match outer. Legal provision, handgun cannot actively draws other attention, need to conceal. Once this工程模板 act is passed in senate, 29 of Georgia public schools will abide by new proposed law.

The report

says, georgia 买建筑模板republican party representative hopes to think o首峰木业有限公聚星木业有限公司司f carat to overcome (HeathClark) supports this bill, think this action will make campus safer than before, had been because of the gun over there. People falls to be r

obbed in university campus building in the menace of muzzle. The gun has been over there. We poll today is the opportunity that allows law-abiding citizen to get campus protects him is in an university, carat gram says.

However, councilman of the anti of the Democra建筑公司红头文件模板AVtic Party of act, city Luobaitetelameier (RobertTrammell) says, he thinks the 2nd amendment allows American constitution in sensitive place, for instance university campus, ban a gun. Besides the problem of public safety, the concept of the weapon in education environment and higher education and mission are contrary, he says.什么是模板建筑模板十大品牌 Complement says Telameier to show without data allow a student to carry a weapon to be able to make the school safer.

Anti people still think, this act can raise the possibility of university campus gunfight.

(original title: Beautiful Georgia Boule passes bill: Allow this state university the pistol is carried inside campus)

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