Chinese sister is beautiful in be being killed to die in Japan, square requirement arrests a murderer


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Police of Japan of report of Xinhua News Agency affirms 14 days, 13 days nightly in divine Nai two remains that discover in plain county mountain forest are truly be reported the loss before this the Chinese book sister of couplet.

According to Japanese media coverage, police of divine Nai plain county discovers two are installed in the 13 mountain forest that are in wild city of this county the Qin Dynasty day and night the remains in viatic box, it is early that 14 days affirm before the Chinese book sister that be missing.

China is stationed in Japa建筑模板尺寸国标nese embassy to also issue announcement afternoon in 14 days, affirmed this matter. Embassy expresses, 11 days of evening, chinese citizen is stationed in Japanese embassy to appeal to China, its two daughters break couplet in Japanese yokohama. Embassy starts lash-up mechanism instantly, urgent see Japan concerns sectional chief about, convey h中模木业有限公司igh attention to its, hope day just is investigated建筑用胶模板 with all one's strengt什么是模板h, as soon as possible crack a criminal case. Current, embassy is assisting a family member to deal with the urgent procedure that attend day.

■ response

Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs asks to arrest a murderer

Geng Shuan建筑模板网站g of spokesman of Ministry of Foreign Affairs is in Japan 14 days with respect to two China citizen unfortunate be murdered answers when the reporter asks, express, china is stationed in Japanese diplomatic mission to already asked day of honest main crack a criminal case, arrest and punish severely a murderer, return victim and family member justice.

"We state to be murdered of two China citizen deep feeling of grief is mourned, express to express sympathy and solicitude for cordially to its family memb临沂市双龙建筑模板厂er, give to ferocious act o建筑腹膜板公司EKf the murderer strong condemnation. " Geng Shuang says, china is stationed in Japanese diplomatic mission to will continue to pay close attention to case progress closely, for the family member the deal with problems arising from an accident that attend day provides active assistance.

■ progress

A Japanese man is controlled already

According to c

overage of Japanese news network, a Japanese man that is suspected of killing China sister already by

divine Nai this department of plain county police is special ransack group of control, be about to be faced with arrest.

This man is many 30 years old, live in yokohama city, married. The bar that works in the elder sister of be murdered sister and latter are acquainted, two people are sentient the dispute with money.

This man keeps silence at present. Police is clutching gather relevant evidence, arrest to be being applied actually after evidential authentic.

Police of divine Nai plain county discloses, monitoring kinescope shows, this man enters the block of flats that this lives to the sister for many times, carry a many big cases from block of flats.

According to the information that Japanese news network obtains, the elder sister is 25 years old, unripe on August 15, 1991, the little sister is 22 years old, unripe on October 17, 1994. Among them, the little sister is a student studying abroa混凝土模板厂家GFd at present, sister two all come from Chinese Fujian.

According to insurgent news

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