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The world defends expert reappearance sound to criticize China of western media bring shame on: The travel achievement of Wuhan exceeds anticipate


Report was aimed at Beijing of Xinhua News Agency on Fe贵港建筑模板公司burary 24 the United States ” new York Times ” the screwy form report that waits for China of western media bring shame on, virus of new coronal of World Health Organization traces to the source the member that study international expert is comprised phonated again a few days ago, give denounce.

On Feburary 9, in combining expert form all ages of bridge of square group leader (left 湖北建筑模板公司2) with combination

expert group is foreign the handclasp af建筑工地模板作用KAter group leader those gets Benanbaleike to end in the news briefing. Cheng Min of reporter of Xinhua News Agency is photographed

The world defends virus of constituent new coronal to trace to the source humble o木制定型模板AEf Ya of a place of strategic importance of professor of college of Copenhagen of the member that study international expert is comprised, Denmark abandons Er to accepted Denmark on Feburary 22 ” politics signs up for ” interview, criticize medium of a few wests the new coronal virus that deliberate misrepresentation reports to expert group near future is begun in Wuhan traces to the source communication cooperates, the travel achievement that points out Wuhan is exceeded anticipate.

Feisheer refuted ” new York Times ” etc western media is alleged in Wuhan the report of unavailable primitive data. She expresses, the travel of Wuhan is exceeded in a lot of respects anticipate. Sufficient preparation just was made in, provide mass data, expert group spread out to discuss according to these data and file.

Another world defends virus of constituent new coronal to trace to the source Huai Er was in Duominikede of professor of college of Sydney of the member that study international expert is comprised, Australia a few days ago ” speak ” website.

De Huaier says, expert group did a lot of works, with in square researcher undertook communicating, saw earlier by the patient of diagnose, began in Wuhan make an on-the-spot investigation on the spot, returned tone to review a large number of data. Expert group discovers, show wi一厂一策模板thout clear evidence before the first foregone case of illness Wuhan city has new coronal epidemic situation large-scale transmission.

He emphasizes, new coronal virus comes from lab leak extremely impossibly. Expert group visited Wuhan virus institute, the researcher that understands here is met by sample of fixed and draw-out blood, did not discover antibody of new coronal virus to the examination of haemal sample.

The world defends the international expert group that the organization expedites to arrived at Wuhan on Janua新型建筑模板实用吗ry 14, with in square expert composition combines expert form, begin whole world of new coronal virus to trace to the source jointly Chinese part works.

” new York Times ” on Feburary 12 print article, claim the world that cite near future goes to Wuhan defends constituent expert view, say China continues to reject to announce about the message with new coronal eruptive and primary epidemic situation, this makes they discover important clue did not come with keep within limits very hard this kind of disease is eruptive.

” new York Times ” interview those of zoologist of one of objects, United States to get Dasake immediately pushs in gregarious media go up especially time rancor say: This is not me alive the experience in protecting constituent job. As the controller of animal and environmental working group, I feel Chinese person of the same trades deserve credit, experience their frankness. We obtained crucial new data really, also increased to disseminate the knowledge of the way about virus.

Feisheer is pushing go up especially transmit amounts to what Sa overcomes to push civil say: This also is not the experiences us to say word that I am in epidemiology group by deliberate misrepresentation, this cheats a shadow for main scientific job. She still expresses, should build accredit to must want to devoted to fact. Stop this kind of negative view about unavailable primitive data please!

Dasake replies after Feisheer’s comment: We spent time to explain to the reporter we are as long as in China the crucial discovery in job of exhaustion of a month, and if our colleague place says, be garbled however, use concoctive before our job begins already the report with good set, disappointing. ” new York Times ” , you are really shameless!

After making a face, ” new York Times ” must deliver Sino-US to its state with print of body of interlocution of alleged and compact edition a few days ago the expert amounts to what Sa overcomes to interview, added compact edition to interview memoir in the report.

Dasake is right ” new York Times ” say, since the first day when defend expert group to arrive at China from the world, they obtained brand-new data, expert group is returned with the doctor meeting that diagnoses first diagnose case of illness. When the world defends expert group to 建筑模板价格SFwant to get more information, square scientists can begin to sear覆膜板尺寸AGch in, relevant analysis can be offerred after a few days, let expert group obtain new information, the help is great.

Dasake is saying to saying that he cannot help in interview the Sino-US epidemic prevention that oneself experience personally since contrast differs greatly. Be in China, after reaching the airport, relevant staff can wear orderly defend equipment boards the plane, go out them from convoy of special epidemic prevention passageway, approach a public house continuously, into the room, ke是什么建筑模板ACep apart two weeks by the regulation, all sorts of rubbish can seal meantime

in existence y

ellow bag, had stuck corresponding label; And the experience after returning the United States is disparate, he confiscates the announcement that needs segregation to oneself, also nobody tells him to shoul缝纫模板d occupy the home. (reporter: Brilliant of Lin Jing, Hao Yalin, Tan; Editor: Day of howl of Sun Hao, week, Xu Xiaolei, Li Wen, Huang Kun, Zhang Zhongxia)

Original title: The world defends expert reappearance sound to criticize China of western media bring shame on: The travel achievement of Wuhan exceeds anticipate responsibility edits: Ceng Shaolin

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