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[drink eat persimmon to meet a the dead] – of contraindication of food of _ of _ food recuperation


Very much in life daily life person is to have those who drink is chronic, but drink the food that there is a lot of after wine to abstain from, and persimmon cake is a kind of our relatively widespread gains, persimmon is eating after drinking, it is very easy that very much alcohol is contained in wine excitant the gastric bowel to the body, it is very easy to eat persimmon at this moment a kind of thick stiff milk produces in gastric bowel, this kind of great stiff thing can cause block very easily to cause breath not the state of free. Drink eat persimmon meeting cadaver? The metabolization of can excitant enteron promotes ethanol, and the tannin in persimmon cake, the meeting after meeting with gastric juice produces thick stiff milk, this kind of material sucks Fu very ea临沂商城保森化工经营部sily to agglomerate final竹模板及价格KJly each other with methylic cellulose, produce stone easily in abdomen then, block enteron, create the body uncomfortable. Below the case that takes like empty stomach, in the body wrestle of hot cold photograph can cause courage and uprightness to run disorder, send yin and yang therefore maladjusted, gas annulus is riot, can cause faint disease, give to faint suddenly, unconscious, or accompany limb to go against cold wait for disease. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine learns to feel, pleasant of persimmon cake flavour, acerbity, cold sex, detoxify of heat having Qing Dynasty goes lung of embellish of dry, clear lung, change knot, satisfy one’s thirst to promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid stop thirsty, be good at taste, control the function such as dysentery, invigorate the circulation of blood, can reduce defecate to work to hard, haemorrhoid aches or bleed, the disease such as dry cough cough, guttural gall, hypertension. Accordingly, persimmon cake is free sex the health food of pure natural health of patient of sore of external piles of bronchitic, hypertensive, arteriosclerosis, . If use persimmon cake blade,strong boiled water is become tea with milk, also be to have drive airframe basal metabolis, reduce capacity of blood of arteries and veins of coronal of blood pressure, promotion and town to cough relieve a cough expectorant effect. Although have a lot of profit,eat persimmon, but a few respects need reminder: Empty stomach cannot contain more tannin and Arabia gum because of persimmon cake with eating persimmon, below empty stomach state they can be below the action of hydrochloric acid in gastric juice the nugget with generation differ size, if this is planted,nugget can not arrive at colon according to cardia, can stay in the stomach to produce gastric persimmon stone, small gastric persimmon stone most begin to be like apricot nucleus, but can accumulate more more big. If gastric persimmon stone does not have a law to be discharged to come out of course, that Zuo can bring about digestion block, give the abdomen on intense ache, vomiting, and even the disease such as haematemesis, ever was like the gastric persimmon stone of the make a fist greatly in the disclosure in the operation. If stomach ” know how things stand and feel confident of handling them ” get a word, with respect to the generation that can prevent gastric persimmon stone. Persimmon skin cannot eat some people to feel the ski施工模板BPn of additional and occlusive persimmon that takes persimmon c

ompares sheet to eat persimmon to have peculiar smell more, actually method of this kind of edible is unreasonable. Because the tannic acid majority in persimmon cake is centralized,be in the skin, take off in persimmon cake acerbity when, impossible the 建筑胶合板tannin amid is all take off, if gross takes rock of persimmon of stomach of more special and easy generation together, take off acerbity treatment especially when craft is diseased, the tannic acid that contains in its skin模板支撑厂家BP is many. Need not with contain high protein alimental the food such as crab, fish, shrimp eats medicine of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine to learn together in, crab and persimmon cake belong to cool sex food, because this can be not fed together. Look from the perspective of modern science, contain high protein alimental crab, fish, shrimp falls in the effect of tannic acid, condense very easily agglomerate, namely gastric persimmon stone. Because its contain the glycogen of 10.8% ,the diabetic does not eat persimmon cake, and great majority is simple and easy disaccharide and monose (soft white sugar, dextrose, dextrose belongs to this kinds of) namely, after eating consequently be digested very easily to absorb, make blood sugar elevatory. Will tell in the light of the diabetic, especially blood sugar is controlled not beautiful person also be a harm. It is not OK to master the tannin in cake of persimmon of proper limits for speech or action to be able to wait for mineral generation with the calcium in feeding capable person, zinc, magnesian, iron the compound that is digested to absorb by the body, make element of this kind of nutrition can be not applied, because this eats persimmon more,cause very easily this kind is mineral and defective. Because persimmon cake is medium the capacity that contain sugar is more, because this everybody eats persimmon to have full abdomen feeling more than eating the apple of same number, pear, can affect appetite then, drop staple food absorb. Feel commonly, below the state that does not have empty stomach, it is advisable that every time eats persimmon not to exceed 200 grams. Cake of persimmon of cleanness of the gargle after eating contains sugar the volume is high, and contain Arabia gum, after eating persimmon, total meeting has one part to stay in oral cavity, it is especially in dental aperture, add acidity tannic acid again, bring about very easily to the tooth corrode, generation dental caries, because this is eating the appropriate after persimmon to drink two water, or instantly gargle is clean.

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