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[eat yam to be able to bilge gas] – of disadvantage of _ influence _


After yam medicine is being taken, be to not allow to give the state with abdominal distension easily, the coarse food grain that real conference creates abdominal distension problem is pachyrhizus, and yam medicine cannot be not easy cause abdominal distension, the most important is can go first-rately the enteron of oneself of take good care of sb, the assimilation that drives enteron is absorbed digest absorb, prevent to the deposit that feed capable person is in in the intestines and stomach of oneself, and be aimed at a few diabetic people also be to have hand effect, the patient’s condition that can prevent a patient comes on once more. Lienal empty diarrhoea (include chronic colonitis, digest absorb reach digest absorb owe beautiful)Yam medicine 500 grams, lotus seed, Fu Ling each 120 grams, grind in all exceed small pink. Every time with 2 ~ 3 attune spoon, add Bai Sha candy is proper, thoroughly cook mug-up to eat, everyday L ~ 2, take continuously feed, reasonable. Soup of Gorgon fruit of medicine of hill ginseng yam – advocate seductively dressed or made up – frequent seminal emissionMedicine of pigskin coarse yam, fu Ling, the tuber of dwarf lilyturf each 15 grams, hill joins 10 grams, the fruit of Chinese magnoliavine 3 grams, water simmer in water takes juice, daily potion, cent is taken 2 times. Raise hematic repose, astringent or styptic treatment for spontaneous sweating of be good at taste. Applicable and frequent seminal emission. Diabetic, the mouth works, much make water, be hun黑豹木业有限公司g

ry of be apt toYam medicine 15 grams, the root of large-flowere skullcap 6 grams, water simmer in water is taken. Or yam medicine, the root of Chinese trichosanthes is equal, everyday 30 grams, cent of water simmer in water is taken. Chilblain, erysipelas, ulcer rises at the beginning of sore poisonDolly of bright yam medicine besmears Fu suffers from at blain, work to be torn open namely change, for many times namely disappear. (or add castor benevolence number bead together dolly external use is stronger) . Cough asthma aue to ex品牌建筑模板CFcessive phleg中庆木业有限公司m (include chronic bronchitic, old people is overflowed the gender is bronchitic)Dolly of bright yam medicine, with sugar 建筑模板施工价格BKcane juice one cup is mixed di木工模板价格vide evenly, the heat that stew takes, a day of Z second. Hind the form is conglomerate, bare is swollen hard painful (include lymph node is phlogistic ulcer of swollen, a person’s back)Bright yam medicine one paragraph (husk) , castor 2 ~ 3 (hull) , grind with dolly fine with divide evenly, stick at blain to suffer from, one day is torn open change 2 secondKidney empty nocturnal emission, lienal empty Fu, old people deficiency of yang, pee frequencyYam medicine more than 0 child (the bead tooth that writtens guarantee on yam cane) 30 ~ 60 grams, boil husk, add Bai Sha candy a few, face face before sleeping, get the better of the yam that be like the Huaihe River. Lung disease is calorific cough, night sweat, palpitation, defecate candy rareYam medicine 60 ~ 120 grams, drink serves liquor, or everyday proper boil is boiledYam medicine, name of material of Chinese herbal medicine. This product is yam division the tuber of greenery yam. 11 ~ will be collected in December close, head of cut away root, clean soil, scrape with Zhu Dao cuticular, air or airing, it is wool yam namely. Choose brawny wool yam, use soggy divide evenly clear, add again hair is very hot, and use a quilt had built, maintain moisture to be appeared frowzily, put the knead on carpentry board to become round pillar subsequently, cut both sides neat, air cloth is smooth, it is smooth yam medicine namely. Effect and action are: Be good at taste, embellish lung, be good at kidney, beneficial kidney. Treat lienal empty have loose bowels, long dysentery, empty fatigue coughs, satisfy one’s thirst, frequent seminal emission, Qing Dynasty is rare, pee frequency. Be good at lienal be good at lienal raise a stomach, promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid stop thirsty beneficial lung, difficult choice of filling kidney Zhuang Yang. Lienal empty of in order to is fed sluggish, long have diarrhoea asthma of empty of more than, lung coughs, kidney empty is frequent seminal emission, clear make water of rare, frequent micturition satisfy one’s thirst of fire of urgent, empty. Bran fries yam medicine be good at lienal disappear of be good at stomach is fed. Lienal empty of in order to feeds sluggish, leucorrhoea has peculiar smell more.

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