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[soya-bean milk delivers a milk or answer a grandma] – of effect of _ action _


The mom that lying during lactation, divide need to take care of the body at ordinary times, diet still needs to eat what a few have battalion to nurturance is divided and can drive milk to feed capable person more. Little imagine creates the food that answers a grandma in the light of a few meetings, want to decrease as far as possible. Want to know the food that various hair suckles, eliminate need working experience and accumulate, still can模板的配板步骤 consult a doctor. That Zuo , is allowing mom to understand fabaceous paddle the Zuo that deliver a milk be those who retreat a grandma? Mom is nursed in mother milk period inside, so that itself reachs the health of body and mind of little baby, should prevent to absorb a few meetings to affect the feeds material or his a few special habit of lactate, destroy in case admirable feed feed

practical effect. 1, can check of lactate feed capable person: If three-colored amaranth, maltose, hill is joined,wait feed capable person. 2, exciting thing: Taste of puerpera food appropriate is weak, need not have these exciting thing, include: Acrimony alimental dressing, Chao Tianjiao, wine, grind coffee and tobacco to wait now. Blood pressure wine: Generally speaking, the wine of grain can drive lactate, when noisy to darling Yi Moying; is overmuch, can c建筑设计报价函格式模板TRheck lactate, also can affect palace to shrink, reason should extenuatory little drink or not drink. Blood grinds coffee now: Can make the nerve center of the body excited. Of 1 cup of 150ml grind coffee now, contain the theine of 100ml namely, averaging an ordinary person 1 day had better be need not exceed 3 cups. Although do not have evidence to explain it is endangered to darling, but to nursed mother character, due and certain control ground edible or stop drink. Compensatory too too excitant dressing: Wait for content like Chao Tianjiao, nurse a mother to answer many sided control. 3, fry, human body is adipose feed capable person high: This kind feeds material to be digested not easily absorb, and calorific volume is higher, should extenuatory absorb. 4, tobacco and cigarette: If feed wet nurse Mom,feeding a mother still smoke inside lacteal period word, smoke tar can give quickly to be digested to absorb by little baby in milk. Scientific research shows information, smoke tar has the effect that owe beautiful to the respiratory system of little baby, consequently, nursing a mother had better be can abstinence of smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline, prevent engulf secondhand smoke. 5, medicines and chemical reagents: To nursing a mother character, although great majority medicines and chemical reagents is using a quantity to fall commonly, let little baby not easily suffer an effect, but stil高档建筑模板市场预测l suggest to nurse mom to be in before taking medicine independently, want to tell the state that doctor oneself has nursed actively, facilitating doctor gives out appropriate take the drug that feed, choose continuously the shorter medicines and chemical reagents between 建筑模板KJ, accomplish the dosage according to milk at least. In addition, if the mother takes medicine after feeding little baby milk, should accomplish in the chroma value广西建筑木模板前十名名称 of the medicine inside milk least when feed little baby again, little in that way baby just is met more security.

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