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[what does the practice of congee of stew beaker cookbook have] – of encyclopedia of practice of _ of the _ method that make


Below the circumstance in the winter, because of average air temperature very low, because this causes a lot of people to not be willing to awake, between the that so that can increase,lies on the bed, can choose instantly breakfast of choose and buy, long-term sex eats little imagine the breakfast of the choose and buy gives very easily hidebound or be it is gas blood two empty these disease, make body and mind healthy do not have a law to obtain ensure, actually person can choose the beaker that use stew to make the characteristic cate that makes tall nutrition part, what does the practice of congee of cookbook of beaker of that Zuo stew h

ave? The first, what does the practice of congee of stew beaker cookbook have? Prepare the raw material such as rice ahead of schedule, in be being put into stew beaker. Cannot overmuch, that kind of meeting digests water absorb did, not quite good not delicious also. Add hot water cup and raw material: Had burned 100 ° to roll hot boiling water, drink boiling water of smaller part cup, build the宏民木业有限公司 shell outside going up, wait for the lid outside 10-20 second open, boiled water teem, be careful need not go to the teem feeding capable person inside. Drink 400-500ml boiling water quickly again next, the lid outside screw, build the shell outside going up, OK! Put water cup at the same time, the rice after waiting 3 hours rotted thoroughly can eat, firm open will be very very hot. If be stay, 8-9 hour fluctuates, the when open is spent also is to 50 ° fluctuate (this sees the character of stew beaker, effect of adiabatic heat preservation is exceedingly good is in that way spends) about. The 2nd, congee of food grains other than wheat and rice of stew beaker food crops. Take out stew beaker to be washed cle临沂彬国建筑模板厂an prepare ahead of schedule… the raw material that prepares stew congee. I like the congee with stew some thicker appreciably very much, a cup (0! 36L) can put 4 spoon basically (general meal spoon) rice of coarse food grain. The taste that each person can love according to oneself adjusts raw material. Burn very hot cup, water cup can spend rock gently to fall, let the food inside encounter heat well-balanced. Table top is opened to pour water after 2 minutes of Zuo , it is OK to relapse 2 times in that way. Very hot cup 2 can fill water stew is burned. Wait the following day congee of food grains other than wheat and rice of a cup of 常用的模板尺寸food crops after the morning can eat, simple and easy health of body and mind…What does the practice of congee of stew beaker cookbook have? Stew rice congee. Most first, pour 100 degrees of boiling water into essence of life east this inside crock, heat take second place of; of 3-5 cent Zuo , exert oneself to do sth washs paddy rice clean, and use hot vesicle 3 minutes Zuo ; subsequently, throw away the water that stew heats crock, pour rice and water again final, build the shell outside going up, static it is OK to wait for 34 hours. The rice congee that goes out with stew beaker stew very fabric made from waste silk, if you love taste,add a bit dressing weakly to be able to leave eat. Co廊坊木模板ngee can be changed for food grains other than wheat and rice of food crops of various organic chemistry. If close lotus heart, snow lotus seed is relatively big, hour of 4-6 of need in advance invades bubble, in that way the congee of stew will be rela建筑工程土石方施工许模板BFtively soft glutinous, soya bean is soft also sodden.

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