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[10 kinds of boluses of clear irascibility] phyletic – of _ medicaments _


The life pressure that accompanying social reality is too great, a lot of people ignore the health of body and mind of oneself very easily because of long-term busy meeting, cause human body very easily to give the state of irascibility flourishing, and meet when flourishing of human body irascibility the body and mind that affects human body very easily is healthy, and go the medical bead of irascibility has a lot of, but divide,leave can take still can take besides the bead that feed medicine feed Chinese traditional medicine of a few greenery recuperate. Go what does the bead of 10 kinds of medicine of irascibility have? Clinical symptom sees eye bare, love is angry more, have a headache, kidney area ache, mouth suffers from halitosis, haematemesis, haemoptysis, arteries and veins heavy disease waiting for number. Go irascibility also should differentiate is real anger Zuo it is empty heat, go what does the medical bead of irascibility have? Medicines and chemical reagents of key of bolus of 6 flavour glutinous rehmannia includes skin of medicine of flesh of dogwood of cultivated land, hill, yam, peony, Job’s tears Ren Heze have diarrhoea. The; male the root bark of the tree peony that flesh of dogwood of cultivated land, hill is inadequacy of grow kidney this world can clear hot cool blood, job’s tears benevolence of; of the fire that retreat empty has scent to change wet effect with lustre have diarrhoea, can assist nephritic function metabolism, alleviate the pressure of kidney, be beneficial to the rehabilitate of nephritic function. waist acerbity leg gives after when using kidney this world to be not worth empty caustic seminal emission of tinnitus of soft, dizzy, deaf, night sweat, satisfy one’s thirst, give heart of abnormal sweating due to general debility, brothers hot, tongue is red little liver mosses, arteries and veins is fine when waiting for disease quickly. Know cypress ground yellow pill this square effect is fire of filling shade dispel. Rhizome of wind-weed, yel高唐县茂源木业有限公司low Baier is added to material of flavour Chinese traditional medicine is configured and be become in the prescription of bolus of 6 flavour glutinous rehmannia. Rhizome of wind-weed is goot at lung of clear lung embellish falls gastric fire, huang Bai is the panacea of fire of the part of the body cavity below the umbilicus of clear have diarrhoea, common reach large intestine at bravery liver disease of damp and hot. By above 2 medicine add what bolus of 6 flavour glutinous rehmannia forms to know cypress ground yellow pill to have promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid stop thirsty action, cure to the card of liver kidney deficiency of yin with irritability that is element body in relief Kang Zhe. Because be in relief excessive,fitness adds kidney deficiency of yin with irritability to be born again again inside fire, make its heat up disease more more serious, heightened the effect of fire of the empty in clear kidney with rhizome of wind-weed and Huang Bai consequently, make the patient takes drug more purposeful quality, promoted effect. When to use larynx of dry of flourishing of fire of deficiency of yin with irritability giving , mouth dry, sleep fluid of night sweat, frequent seminal emission, make water delivers Huang Huo pass water not when the disease such as free, the kid with hale human body of much in order to. Bolus of glutinous rehmannia of a surname chrysanthemum is in bolus of 6 flavour glutinous rehmannia Fang Zhongtian adds medlar He Huangju to spend make it of material of 2 flavour Chinese traditional medicine. Medlar can fill empty, can clear hot reduce internal heat goes to yellow chrysanthemum irascibility, consequently bolus of glutinous rehmannia of a surname chrysanthemum re

moves the effect that has ball of 6 flavour glutinous rehmannia outside, return lay particular stress on to heat up reduce internal heat at Qing Dynasty. When use liver kidney deficiency of yin with irritability and give the dazed, dazed, tinnitus, faintness that look matter, eye is painful when the disease such as hair doing. Dispel sends deficiency of yin with irritability of kidney of ill reason liver is card of deficiency of yin with irritability of each the vital organs of the human body in most one more serious kind, daily life is very much see, and cause the cause of liver kidney deficiency of yin with irritability much perhaps, be like: Have a fever cure 建筑基础工程施工AVarriving from ill hair when giving out heat is an a lot of sweat, still can continue to use up the of a lot of nutrition element inside human body additional潍坊鑫源板业ly, this can hurt kidney this world to be not worth. This kind of Chinese traditional medicine that should introduce in detail for oneself prescription falls in the light of liver is practical effect of fire very of establish, go inside irascibility period dietary collocation need not say effectively, also want to reduce the lifestyle owing beautiful of oneself alertly, should want to be improved first when in that way state what often stay up late is chronic, also should reduce oneself to drink unscientificly chronic, this kind is damaged chronically is very big completely, the improvement that is aimed at irascibility also is to have a lot of effects. Go what does the medicine of irascibility have SelfhealRespecting self-heal, we all is not close not at all perhaps, blindly the common Chinese herbal medicine of fire of clear hot dispel material. Also make in tea of the fire below a lot of summers in role of personate key character, especially the tea leaving anger that Guangdong saves, selfheal is crucial raw material. Actually, the action of selfheal aloof fire of hot dispel of more than Qing Dynasty is so simple and easy. A bit laborious of pleasant of selfheal cold sex, flavour, bitter, enter classics of liver, courage. Have relieve a cough silt of dispel of expectorant, detumescence, fall the action of bl唐山建筑模板公司ood pressure. Selfheal boils water to drink, can have go irascibility, fall the action of blood pressure, air of comfortable formfitting system is dry, goes out after often staying up late dazed, have a headache reach the eye is aglow person take feed. Still can boil a congee along with all the others with its and pig lean lean. Specific means is to use selfheal 10 grams, thin pork 50, 100 grams and proper water a Bao, boil to after the flesh is ripe, put salt again a few condiment, eat meat or fish to drink juice, everyday 1. Huang Ju is beautifulYellow chrysanthemum contains vitamin D, it is the crucial material that protects health of eyesight body and mind, also be the panacea that Chinese traditional medicine treats various eye disease. Yellow chrysanthemum tea can make a person keep sober, double eye is bright, also have the effect that protects liver to protect liver, very right irascibility flourishing, with the eye excessive hair doing has the eye that cause pretty good effect. Often feel the eye does an acerbity person, often use the person on computer especially, why to drink some of yellow chrysanthemum scented tea more. Clear irascibility recommends medlar chrysanthemum tea strongly, medlar, yellow chrysanthemum is proper, boiling water develops tone edible. Divide outside shielding an eye, two empty hold blood of applicable still gas concurrently the xerophthalmia patient of the heat that provide liver. Try method of this kind of treatment when the we all below the circumstance of clear irascibility, this kind of medicines and chemical reagents plays practical effect to improving the condition of flourishing of this kind of irascibility apparently, but if irascibility is not very serious condition,issue what had better choose the level that feed capable person华港木业有限公司 to change,come in to be adjusted for oneself, eating vegetable and fresh fruit more is most taste is weak, also be the most efficient clear irascibility way, clear irascibility still cannot eat with letting oneself hot wait for a few stimulation feed capable person.

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