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[the method of the biscuit that make and measure] – of encyclopedia of practice of _ of the _ method that make


Toast is daily life is general feed capable person, but, the taste that a lot of people fall to the circumstance of the biscuit that make and makes outside is thoroughly different, have a lot of correlation with the means of the biscuit that make actually. Exemple solve very easy influence to arrive like what a few keys nod the taste with overall toast. Consequently, choose in alimental reach level of its course of action to need firm to make great efforts to just go. Are the means of that Zuo biscuit that make and flow how? Of 1. panada blend: What coagulative pledges with water-solubility material place of enough mix up arises is not smooth and stick wet panada, all panada won’ts do form, without flexibility, panada is n山东鲁信建筑材料有限公司ot smooth. Knot round link (another namer panada turns over a link) the noodle in panada op建筑木模板厂家ens generation of another name for Nanning, the moisture absorption splash with the enough albumen in wheaten flour goes up, because of the generation of noodle, 工地模板施工already produced panada, toast is not sticky already already at that time the crock wall that blends a crock repeatedly, still meet when panada of lay a finger on forcibly have a hand in, did not have extend a gender, and it is not quite good also to extend a gender. Wheaten flour produces segment amply, accompanying blend again, panada becomes loose slowly, panada surface layer does impetuous slowly and have extend a gender, and surface layer luster is spent, have extend a gender, but panada tug when break easily. Panada blends perfect link, the soft that at that time panada changes quickly, not easy have a hand in, have extend admirably gender and extend a gender. Surf建筑模板市场价格ace layer does impetuous and luster is spent, tug panada can handle an account and pull the neat side broken mouth (do not show zigzag) . 2. wakes basically face: Wake basically the face is the toast is the most important one link in full treatment craft, panada is in wake basically in the whole process of the face, noodle obtains enough air to oxidize (when blending, panada also is a whole process that adds oxygen actually) of panada extend a gender strong

er, the hair alcohol of panada is the whole process that a multifarious biochemistry reacts, glycogen material is dissolved to change. Changes dextrose and dextrose and albumen can arise to the United States draws heart response and create wheat perfume. Basic hair alcohol is very big to the effect of toast, be like: To toast fresh period, the taste of toast, plasticity and appearance these, it is to cause very big effect. Wake basically the Utopian of the face is spent for 27 ℃ , air humidity is 75% , between at least even 30 minutes of above. 3. segments: It is segment place to need suttle small panada acco工地常用的模板叫什么KJrding to saying to weigh a big panada. 4. coils round (rub is round)The panada after segmenting is not OK the figuration on the horse, want rub circle without fail, make according to rub circle panada surface produces bright and clean and cortical. Be helpful for saving new steam system, and make panada splash goes up. Bright and clean cortical the surface layer in the panada when figuration is not easy after still be beneficial to by sticky even, make the toast of finished products cortical and bright and clean, ministry organization also is met more well-balanced. When rub is round as far as possible need not wheaten flour, in case toast ministry gives big break, the exert oneself to do sth when rub is round wants well-balanced. In the middle of 5. wake face: In the middle of wake the face is to show according to rub circle the panada after arrives this paragraph of time among figuration, be in commonly 15~20 minute. Need actually to look to state the case with average air temperature and lax dough in those days, the condition that treats panada shows information is the figuration regulation of the proper place biscuit that make. 6. figuration: Figuration also calls plastic hairdressing, it is an all previous classics in the middle of wake the panada after the face makes the appearance that provides in commodity. The plastic hairdressing of general and prandial toast is very simple, have nimble of at somebody’s convenience of plastic hairdressing machine. Make with handiwork, leave according to 2 roll break up after coiling, put into it is OK to grind a tamp.

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