The Little Door


There’s always something nice about tucked away places. Maybe it’s about slipping off the main road and finding a space where without thinking much you can march through the little door and find yourself at home. The little blue door at the entrance welcomes you with its quaintness and simplicity. Once inside, the textured white walls the subtle use of colour and light will make you feel like you’ve stepped into a beach side Mediterranean hideaway. But don’t be fooled by the looks! You are going to leave this place, having a great time every day.

Everyone has a good day, a bad day, a hate my boss day, and I-wanna-be-bad day. The Little Door knows exactly how to take a regular day to your friendly neighbourhood bar and make every evening fresh and exciting. The team is happy to even drive you home.


TLD's menu is a blend of inspiration from the Mediterranean, extensive travels and endless experiments by the chefs & mixologists. The menu offers an amazing variety of bar nibbles, pizzas, sloppy burgers and ofcourse alcohol infused mains & desserts. Not to mention a great selection of beer, wine, cocktails and universal alcohol and a sense of belonging that will have you coming back every day. The offering is extensive and serving style is casual (don’t forget that it is a 'come as you are’ space).


Sunday Drunch (Drunken Brunch) - A whole Sunday Experience between Noon to 4PM starting INR793/- for an extensive selection of salads, dips, cold meats, appetizers, hot breakfast, entrée, mains and dessert with an option of unlimited IMFL and Cocktails. Other Chartbusters: Karaoke, Games, Reads, Laughter and Conversations.

Happiest Hours in Town - 5 pm to 8 pm Everyday. Buy One Get One on IMFL and Imported Brands. Special INR100/- Munchies Menu.

Loyalty Program - The Friends of TLD Card is offered to our most frequent patrons, by invitation. This card entitles them to first preference for reservations and invitations to all our events. Friends are also entitled to a 15% discount on F&B.

Every Thursday – Win Free Beer for A Month, #BeerChug.

You Vs Burger - Swallow the Trademark XL Burger in 3Minutes and become a #LegendDaddy or #LegendMommy.

The Little Next Door


TLND is a shop - a bar - a café. What’s different? It is this concept of your next door community place, offering beers, wines & spirits at almost store prices.


"Well, with the cuisine..we are influenced by France, Italy, Spain and Greece, and as Indians, we like adding our touch and so have we". Says Tanu Narang Moghe. We promise you the most economical European vacation in the neighbourhood.


Sunday Anti Brunch - Have had enough of expensive all you can eat and drink brunch packages? Do you long for a simpler #Sunday with friends & family or just by yourself? Then opt for the 'Anti-Brunch' and choose whatever you like, whilst The Little Next Door entertains you with Books, Board Games & Reggae Music every Sunday. Expect 1) DIY Salads, 2) Eggs to Order, 3) Pancakes & Waffles, 4) Barbeque & Chargrills, 5) Pasta, 6) Pizza, 7) Wraps & Rolls, 8) Desserts & Ice-creams and a few Surprises. Available between 12 pm to 6 pm, Anti-Brunch is priced at only ₹ 495.

Every Wednesday – Win Free Beer for A Month, #BeerChug.

Every Friday - Unlimited Friday Beer & Barbecue at INR845/-.

Giant Jenga, Foosball, Board Games & lots more….

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